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Traded Sig for Walther - new to forum!

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Well I'm new to the board and thought I would say hello. I traded my Sig 225 last week for a used (500 rnds) P99 .40 cal with german markings. I paid $350 for my Sig a year ago and I'm pretty happy with the trade. I wanted a P99 when I bought my Sig, but they were too expensive - my budget was at $300. Anyway, looking forward to shooting it. Nice forum by the way.
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You got it as an even trade? Not to shabby if you did. Welcome to P99 ownership, you're going to enjoy your stay.
Yup, even trade. My sig was a mid 80s model too, I think a police carry weapon. (had a lot of holster wear)

The only downside I see is the Walther mags had the orange followers as opposed to the blue ones.
Too Funny!  

I bought a 225 about a year ago (NIB $400) because I couldn't afford the P99.  Then the prices dropped!  So... I sold the Sig (for $450, no less!  
), and used the money to buy a military 9mm P99.

I still like Sigs and will likely never part with my P229 (.357sig), but I think the P99 is much better for carry than the 225.  The two guns are almost the exact same size, but the P99 weighs much less and, in 9mm, can hold 16+1 instead of 8+1.  Easy decision!  Enjoy your new gun, you made an excellent choice!
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I readily agree that a P99 is better for CC than a SIG P225. I love my P99. However, I have a SIG P225 which is one of my favorite pistols of all time. I would be very hard pressed to part with it.
Welcome, you will enjoy your new gun. For the price it's one of the most accurate and reliable guns that I own.

Let my Sig P225 and P228 go a while back.
Haven't regretted it at all.
The Walthers do everything the Sigs did, except better.
If you just can't stand not having a Sig, then buy a CZ-75 instead, it's just as good, if not better than the Sigs, for half the price.
After carrying everything else for 30years the P99 9mm OD Milit. is now on my hip in an Alessi CQC/S.
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