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Have come across a Walther PP with the following details.

Serial Number 213956P

"R.J." on the front grip strap

Has an eagle with 'something' under it that looks like an 'N' or a swastika stamped on the barrel and the slide at the ejection port.

frame mounted mag release.

chambered for 7.65 m/m

have a holster and 2 mags. Both mags are stamped Walther  PP 7.65

Gun is in good condition with very, very minor holster wear. No rust or pitting inside or out.

Story behind it is that it 'followed' a GI home from Europe. Said G.I. is now disabled and in need of cash so we are wondering what a ballpark price for said item would be..

Thanks for any assistance.

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Eagle over N denotes post (after) April 1940 manufacture. If it has military acceptance markings (normally found on left side of slide, and left side of frame around mag release) it would be more collectable.

Don't recall the "RJ" significance (and don't have reference book handy).

In the condition stated I'd say it's worth at least $400, if not closer to $500.

Edited to add: P88 (who knows his ****) says that "RJ" stand for look here to find out.
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