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I just bought a used Walther (InterArms, serial number in the 7000 range) TPH in .22 - cleaned it well and shot minimags, stingers and some high-velocity federal cartridges through it - everything fed well up until I was almost ready to leave, then had two failures to feed, one each in two separate magazines (in both cases the cartridge missed the breech and was wedged on an angle between the bottom of the slide and the top of the magazine) - Im hoping this was a dirty gun problem, it happened after about 70-80 rounds, and the feed-ramp was gunked up.

I am very happy with the gun so far. It is amazingly accurate for such a little pistol, and like I said above, fed/ejected almost perfectly. Only thing I dont care for is how light the trigger is in single action (the double action trigger sucks) - would swapping the main spring out for an extra-power alternative make the SA trigger a little heavier?


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