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Last year, the late Larry Seecamp (manufacturer of the renowned .32 ultracompact pistol that bore his name) auctioned off his gun collection. I had the winning bid for his .22 Walther TPH, the last of his pistols to sell before his untimely death, last July.

On my first trip to the range, I found it reliable and accurate (with standard velocity Winchester ammo, no less!) until the frame broke where the magazine catch resides, and the hammer spring, spring seat, and magazine catch flew out onto the ground. Overwhelming and utter dismay descended on me, for it appeared my pistol had in that instant turned into a very expensive paperweight.

I found solace in this forum, when a search revealed such frame fractures were common enough to cause at least a couple of gunsmiths to devise a repair. I sent my TPH to Mike McClellan of M&M Gunsmithing (2423 Carter Grove Road,Hazel Green,AL, 35750) and he performed a repair that looks like it will ensure such a frame failure never recurs. My hat is off to Mr. McClellan, and I recommend his work to anyone who requires repairs to their pistol.


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