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Folks, from time to time, I've seen articles on the American made TPH about someone owning one and, suddenly, they lose the ability to shoot it double action. Most of the time the owners have gotten frustrated and just sold the gun! Well...surprise, surprise, my TPH recently lost it's DA ability. A VERY competent and creative gunsmith was able to diagnose and fix the problem by adding a substantial amount of epoxy to the inside of the plastic grip to keep the trigger transfer bar in the position required for DA operation! He said that he's preformed this fix on several TPH's and has noticed that the transfer bar over time loses its set position as the gun breaks in. The epoxy, which becomes part of the plastic grip, keeps the transfer bar where it should be to make the DA feature work. Very creative and hope that this info. may help anyone else who may have an American made TPH that lost it's DA capabilty.
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