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I told him my problem, that the gun would not shoot my reloads.
I told him I think the feed ramp needs polishing, but I could not do it
because I could not get the barrel out. He said he had the equipment to
do it without removing the barrel. I have him several rounds of my reloads
for testing.

I got the gun back on Tuesday. He didn't polish anything! He made a new
recoil spring of quite reduced power. I was skeptical. The slide is noticeably
easier to pull back. I can use the old "sling-shot" grip now, which I could not
do with either the factory spring and especially not with the higher powered
spring I got from Wolfe Springs.

I took the gun to the range yesterday, and it worked! In 80 rounds of reloads,
I had "only" one FTF. I think it was possibly caused by a relaxed grip, which
means more testing is in order. If it will now fire my reloads reliably, I will be
one happy camper!

Using a reduced power recoil spring is not something I would have thought
to do. I know there are a few others out there having problems with their
PPK/S-1 like I was. I thought you might like to hear of one possible solution
to the problem.

I'll make a few more reloads and go back to the range ASAP. I'll let y'all know
how it goes.

L8'er, TP

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OM44: That sounds great for your reloads. But I wonder what happens when you use factory full power ammo with that reduced power spring?? :confused:

I hope you still have the original spring or plan on getting a replacement from S&W or Wolff. I don't thinkit's a good idea to give your gun the extra battering a reduced powerspring would do.



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You know on another web forum site (For the life of me, I can't remember which one) I remember there was a NRA pistol instructor who posted that he recommends the PPK for certain people, but if women take his course with the PPK he uses Wolff springs to lower the power springs. If I remember correctly he uses a 17 lb spring with the justification that is easier for them to rack the slide and learn the basics of firing a handgun. He said he had yet to have trouble from the reduced power spring for factory ammo, but he did say no to any +p stuff in any shape or form. I remember this since I was thinking of replacing the spring on my PPK/S to a lower spring for my wife to use. I just wish I could remember where I found that info. If I find it, I will post it here.

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Lower Power Recoil Spring

Yes, I made sure he gave me back the original spring. I'll put it back in
whenever I use factory ammunition.

What this tells me is that my reloads were too weak, even though they were
right on the max loads listed. Most of my reloads were 102 gr. bullet with
3.1 gr. of W231. These loads showed no sign of excessive pressure.

I experimented once with a box of 3.2 gr. of W231. I got the beginning signs
of excessive pressure. The primers were just barely flattened, with just the
slightest cratering around the firing pin. I still got one or two FTF with this

So, I think I'll try a different powder. I noticed on the Hogdon Reloading Site
that Titegroup powder gets higher velocity with lower pressure. I've never
used it before. I hope the gun shop at the Ft. Bliss Gun Club has it!

I am really looking forward to getting this little PPK/S working! My Ruger P90
is just too large to conceal!

More L8'er, TP.
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