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I just received the Meprolights I ordered last week, and installed them tonight. Just a few thoughts:

1. My rear sight required a little bit of fitting. I used a diamond sharpening stone to take a little bit off the sides of the base, and the bottom. Once it was installed however, there was no wiggling back and forth or side to side.

2. I used the smallest socket I could find, and it still wouldn't fit the screw for the front sight. It's a good idea to pick up the Meprolight tool.

3. Be careful removing or installing the rear sight. I slipped once, and as I sat there in stunned silence, I heard the spring and detent hit the ceiling and land somewhere. Thankfully they were found shortly after.

4. The Mep's definitely sit higher than the stock sights.

5. I'm not sure if it's just mine, but the paint on the front sight is much brighter and easier to see. It seems to just draw my vision to it, making for a better sight picture.

All in all, I'm happy with my purchase so far. I just need to get out there and shoot it now.
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