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Your Crazy Man!!
Keep that PPK..
I hear you on stopping power though, But I tore the range up with my PPK/S over the weekend & had a couple come up so his wife could see the tiny pistol that works.. There Hooked from watchin Me..Sweet!!
Buy an HK4 and modify the 32 barrel & put a new buffer in it.
Usually it takes a magnum round in either 357 or 44 to blow up a milk jug filled with water, A 9mm or 38 just pokes holes in it too..
And Micheal I used to own a Grendel P-10 in .380 the grandfather to the Kel-Tecs..
And Don't be afraid of baking your Pistols Just make sure to use your own pan & not your wifes cookie sheet.. Don't forget the Militec-1!!
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