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There goes my extractor

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It's been a long time since I last had a case head separation but yesterday I finally got one (old batch of Remington Cyclone) and along with the loud POP there goes my extractor, spring, that little ball detent and the extractor plunger.... :rolleyes:

I found most of the parts unbroken laying on the shooters table however the extractor plunger I couldn't find.... I jumped on Numrich's website and they do have a replacement part listed under "PPK/s" however it doesn't specify if it's for the 22lr, 32 auto or 380acp...

So I sent Walther customer service a email to see if they could send me a replacement part. I'm guessing they probably want me to send it in so they could take a peek at it... But hey, overall I am very happy with this pistol. I've shot thousands of rounds thru it without any major issues until now...
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I’ve had this happen twice. Both times I sent it to them and they paid freight both ways. Seems the extractor is a weak point on these. I do like shooting the PPK/S .22 the best of all my pistols.
Had this happen with a pre-war .32 PPK, which I attributed to shooting aluminum cased ammo. In my case, I believe using cheap .32 ammo led to an expensive repair.
Well today i got my PPk/s 22lr slide back in the mail from Walther. Total turnaround time was about two weeks. I'm gonna stay away from that old batch of Remington Cyclone this time... lol
Hope it stays in place for a long time.
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Hope it stays in place for a long time.
I've shot thousands of rounds thru it without a hiccup. What happened was I was gifted a small paper box of old 80's Remington 22lr's and my 2nd or 3rd round went boom! and that was it.... So into the trash can they went :rolleyes:
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