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It's funny, but I have just the opposite problem. I shot my new G22 for the first time this weekend, and twice the slide locked back on the last shot, and then wouldn't release. Last round fires, slide locks back, empty magazine replaced with a loaded one, and the slide wont close. Even without a magazine installed, the slide would not close.

After fooling with it, shaking it, and multiple pulls on the slide handle, the slide finally released.

Weird huh?

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Try the srew in the stock.....
I tell you guys that screw is tightning up the action of the G22 if you make it tooooooo tight...
the spring is so tiny that just the smalest amount of too much preasure will render it uselss....
if the tap that holds the action open is stuck in the up position you can also use your pinky to push it down once the new(full) mag is inserted.....
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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