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The history of the manufacturing of the Walther P series is an interresting study...
The complete history can be pieced together by searching this site and a condensed version would make a great sticky...
Feel free to correct me if I am wrong...
Does anybody really know the whole story about american Walthers? I believe they were made by a machining company out of Alabama for years and stamped with the Interarms Logo.

Ranger Mfr...Gadsden, Al.... 1978-1998.... Under license of Interarms [Sam Cummins]...From castings by Hitchner... [German guns are forged]
(I assume my latest aquisition is a transition model, it is a PPK/S without the extended beavertail but with the Springfield address)

I believe you are correct, I believe the Springfield guns were made from
at least some of, the Ranger parts from Alabama.

My memory is unclear about the tooling...My recollection is that the tooling remained at the 'Interarms site'....I have lost my links from this study, but the info is on this site...Perhaps someone more knowledgeable will assist.


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