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Went to the range last weekend with it. Shot 250 rounds of 124 gr +P Gold Dot 9mm through it, and not one hitch. No FTF, FTE, stovepipes, NOTHING. The P99QA loves this ammo.

Recoil was a bit snappy considering the +P, and it was louder than typical Walmart WWB, but no biggie.

And it was damn accurate too. I shot at a target about 7-10 yards away, and it was easy putting holes in the bullseye. Groups were TIGHT! Capable of one ragged hole from multiple shots, if I was.

Trigger is light and consistent . The Walther has something the Glock does not - a decock button which is something I appreciate considering the trigger is so light and there is no safety. True DA with decocker...!

The feel of the QA trigger is good - it has a short take off and a crisp let off. Aim, squeeeeze slowly, and then BOOM!

I still like my Glock 19 a lot, but this Walther is well-designed, and the attention to detail gives it a more higher-end feel.

Its reputation for accuracy and reliability (esp. in 9mm) is well-deserved. I wonder why it does not get the attention from American shooters Glock or HK USP does, but I suspect it is more marketing and politics. Overall, a great handgun.
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