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The First: P99 Final Edition

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Here it is... the FIRST (posted here ;) ) P99 Final Edition.

Picked this baby up today. Shout out to Tombstone Tactical for prompt shipping and a fair price and Ark Tactical for receiving the gun and getting it to me just an hour after FEDEX dropped it off.

The gun is... well, it's a P99! What is there to say other than: Best. Gun. Ever.

I have a collection of 99 series guns (family reunion below) P99 in 9mm x2, SW99 in 9mm, SW99 in 45, SW99C in 40SW, P99C 9mm x2 - so needless to say I'm a big fan of the platform.

Proud to report that the P99 challenge coin is both thicker AND longer than the SIG Legion coins... we all knew who was really packing ;)

Disappointed that they didn't do a test target for these guns. I know that hasn't been a thing for ahwhile... but come on Walther :confused:

Haven't shot it yet... and not sure if I will. Another P99 in a different color isn't going to exactly blow my mind away... still, it's always good to spend time with an old friend.

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PS, I'm going to call Walther tomorrow and ask where my color matched backstrap is :ROFLMAO:

I'll report what they say.
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Congratulations Angry Hippo. Great pickup!

We can all quibble about what the Final Edition should have been but as others have said, it's great to see Walther acknowledge the P99s place in the company's history.
Speaking of quibbles...

It bugs me that the challenge coin featuring the original P99 has the ski hump but doesn't have a period correct magazine release lever. :eek:
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Anyone have any idea on the potential 'collectability' of a gun like this?

Earliest serial i've seen is FDW9632
Mine is FEA7534, I've seen a FEA7565

Do they do production sequentially? My PDP is a XXX0002.

If there are 7565+ of these out there... I'm not sure that's going to be super rare... but I also see there is only one dealer out there with one for sale online right now. I don't feel like 7,534 people already bought one of these... but who knows.

Congratulations! I cant find one anywhere!! Put my name on every list possible.
I just sent PM'd a link with a retailer who has one in stock.
PS, I'm going to call Walther tomorrow and ask where my color matched backstrap is :ROFLMAO:

I'll report what they say.

I asked a phone representative about the backstrap. (Chris was his name, maybe?)

They claimed that the all olive drab gun pictured doesn't actually have a backstrap at all. Claims it was fully injection/molded as part of the frame for the 'prototype' guns pictured - and no OD backstraps exist.

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Welcome to the forums.

I can appreciate a man of few words. ;) :ROFLMAO:
That is exciting, I just snagged one off Gun Broker. I want to shoot it but I'm not sure if I will.
So the thing about these guns... they've already been fired. You can see the brass marks on the gun already.

IMO I'd put a a box of ammo through it. What good is a gun that you can't shoot? P99's are cool but they aren't THAT pretty.

That said here's the full disclosure: I haven't shot mine yet :ROFLMAO: and while I may shoot it the thing will never be 'a shooter' or carry gun for me. Safe Queen all the way with some novelty shooting here and there, perhaps. I think I'd like to shoot it just to know that the thing actually works.

If it's going to be a hardcore collector item and you care about resale value... well, shooting it wouldn't be best... but who is going to know? ;)
Right, that’s why my whole collection is NIB, only factory fired.
Here is nine beauty.

Nice! Not only does it look unfired, I don't think anyone has even worked the slide on it. :ROFLMAO:
You just need a sw99 especially in .45. For me and mine, this gun lets you be lazy and retains its accuracy. Though it has the worst trigger (my mr9 has the best (but has an issue)). Ive seen an unfired listed pretty cheap a couple years back. Im still kicking myself for not doubling up.
I'd agree the SW99 pistols don't seem to have quite as good a trigger pull as P99s. It's still excellent and far and above most of the competition but in a side by side test they just don't seem quite as smooth, particularly in the double action pull.

Honestly it's splitting hairs. I'm super happy with my SW99-45 so I wouldn't consider it a complaint per se, more an observation.
I'm not super thrilled with the case but for what it is (a plastic case) it seems relatively high quality.

The snaps and buckles seem nice and sturdy.

And.. well... that's about all the nice things I have to say about it.
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