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The First: P99 Final Edition

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Here it is... the FIRST (posted here ;) ) P99 Final Edition.

Picked this baby up today. Shout out to Tombstone Tactical for prompt shipping and a fair price and Ark Tactical for receiving the gun and getting it to me just an hour after FEDEX dropped it off.

The gun is... well, it's a P99! What is there to say other than: Best. Gun. Ever.

I have a collection of 99 series guns (family reunion below) P99 in 9mm x2, SW99 in 9mm, SW99 in 45, SW99C in 40SW, P99C 9mm x2 - so needless to say I'm a big fan of the platform.

Proud to report that the P99 challenge coin is both thicker AND longer than the SIG Legion coins... we all knew who was really packing ;)

Disappointed that they didn't do a test target for these guns. I know that hasn't been a thing for ahwhile... but come on Walther :confused:

Haven't shot it yet... and not sure if I will. Another P99 in a different color isn't going to exactly blow my mind away... still, it's always good to spend time with an old friend.

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Congratulations Angry Hippo. Great pickup!

We can all quibble about what the Final Edition should have been but as others have said, it's great to see Walther acknowledge the P99s place in the company's history.
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Speaking of quibbles...

It bugs me that the challenge coin featuring the original P99 doesn't have an period correct magazine release. :eek:
Lol. You are hard-core!
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