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The First: P99 Final Edition

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Here it is... the FIRST (posted here ;) ) P99 Final Edition.

Picked this baby up today. Shout out to Tombstone Tactical for prompt shipping and a fair price and Ark Tactical for receiving the gun and getting it to me just an hour after FEDEX dropped it off.

The gun is... well, it's a P99! What is there to say other than: Best. Gun. Ever.

I have a collection of 99 series guns (family reunion below) P99 in 9mm x2, SW99 in 9mm, SW99 in 45, SW99C in 40SW, P99C 9mm x2 - so needless to say I'm a big fan of the platform.

Proud to report that the P99 challenge coin is both thicker AND longer than the SIG Legion coins... we all knew who was really packing ;)

Disappointed that they didn't do a test target for these guns. I know that hasn't been a thing for ahwhile... but come on Walther :confused:

Haven't shot it yet... and not sure if I will. Another P99 in a different color isn't going to exactly blow my mind away... still, it's always good to spend time with an old friend.

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