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The J-hook is about 2 inches wide, and the belt hook is about 5 inces wide.  The belt hook keeps the cant of the holster more stable and better applies pressure to the outside of the holster to keep the pistol butt pressed against your side.  I wear a SideArmor IWB (due to Chip00's recommendation) with belt hook almost every day.  Some seated postitions are a little uncomfortable, but you get used to it being there.  I've found the 0 degree cant does a better job keeping the pistol concealed on my wide body.  The pistol grip on my right hip mimmicks the love-handle on the left. ;)

I eased some of the edges of the holster that come into contact with me, and it made a significant difference in comfort.  The edges are quite square from the manufacturer.

I bought the tan colored holster and belt hook.  The exterior portion of the hook is visible against my belt (which I conceal with a cover garment anyway), and I find the tan color helps break up the pattern of the pistol with a lighter weight shirt (black pistol grip/tan of belt hook/black or brown belt).  I think I may just take a black permanent marker to the lips of the hooks that are visible just for the heckuvit.

I even carry my SW99 .40 Compact in the holster.  It doesn't have a trigger guard snap fit due to its shorter length barrel & slide, but it friction fits just fine (like my Galco Concealable OWB).  I also carry the SW99 .45 in it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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