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The Right Concealed Carry Gear Means You'll Carry Well And More Often

One of the best concealed carry habits to acquire? Get the right concealed carry gear. You'll be able to carry better, you'll enjoy it more or at least find it more comfortable, and as a result will be more apt to carry.

We know concealed carry here at Alien Gear Holsters. A lot of us carry every day. Many of our customers do. What a lot of them have told us is that comfort, along with fitment of the pistol, are some of the most common reasons why they don't carry every day. If you don't like it, you won't carry with it.

You won't carry a gun that you don't have an easy time carrying. You probably won't carry if you have a shoddy gun belt that isn't up to the task.You may need to get multiple holsters, in case you carry with multiple concealed carry methods; a modular holster system would be a great tool for doing so.

The point is that a concealed carry habit is acquiring the gear you need in order to put yourself in a position to succeed at concealing and carrying.

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