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Last year some friends asked me to help them to sell some of their guns. Included in the small collection they had was an S&W PPK/S that was missing the extractor and the safety detent and spring.

I had heard at that time that Walther wasn't doing anything with the S&W Guns but had recently changed their policies towards the S&W PPK/S. I contacted Walther on October 23rd about the "sad" shape this particular pistol was in; and was sent a return form to complete and ship it and the gun to Walther in Arkansas. Late last week I received an e-mail from Walther indicating a package requiring my signature was due to be delivered today.

About an hour ago (1115 CST) Fedex dropped off the package; I didn't know what to expect because the Customer Service Rep said they would contact me with a dollar amount for the repairs.

Surprise, Surprise as Gomer Pyle would say; the entire work order was covered under Warranty! They replaced the extractor, extractor spring, safety detent, extractor pin, hammer strut, and safety strut plus paid for return shipping - all under Walther Warranty!

Thank you Walther Arms - excellent Customer Service; one week from initial contact to the returned gun in hand!

Now to go shoot it!
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