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OK. . .as you can see I don't really know what I'm doing yet on the forum. . .trying to get the hang of things.
I have been out of the collecting scene for over 40 years now. Acquired this Walther PP and very nice original holster ( not pictured ) in 1975 for $125.00
The holster is original German WWII issue brown leather, with an American Lieutenants name written in ink on the inside
. . .undoubtedly a war prize.
From what I could tell by the serial numbers this Walther was produced in 1942. I took the photos with my lousy flip-phone camera. As you can see it has WaA359 near the trigger and in other places as well. On the left side it has a small eagle ( similar to the Wehrmacht eagle ) on the left slide and left near the trigger. There is a distinctly different eagle on the right side on the barrel and the slide.

Not interested in selling, but I'm not getting any younger and would like to let my daughters know approximate worth.
Anyone have a ballpark for the PP ( the bore is perfect and seems to have seen virtually no use ) and the holster is also in excellent condition.

Thanks for any and all feedback
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