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Takedown Lever Direction?

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Upon doing a thorough cleaning, I removed the takedown lever on my 2004 P22. I didn't realize the two sides (front and back) of it were different until it dropped out. I didn't, of course, notice which side was toward the front (muzzle) side. One side is indented with an oval cutout, while the cutout on the other side is more in the shape of an "M". I'm assuming the oval side is to the front (where the stainless pin is), but would like to be sure. I've searched in vain for this info, and would appreciate it if anyone could tell me for sure.
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Welcome TomJohn....I should know this....but I was thinking both sides were the same. I've taken the part out a number of times but not recently. The pin is what retains the take down lever. Will the pin fit regardless of which face is toward the muzzle. The top of the inner take down is rounded and only about 1/8" of it is engaged by the muzzle cup when it is in the up and locked position.
I'll see if I have a picture. I have an old P22...about a 2005 model that I still shoot. 1917
The pin will work either way, but it seems to me that the "M" side is more likely to push the pin to the side if the lever is pulled too far down. I'm not sure the indentation will be visible without pulling the receiver out of the frame. I should have taken pictures before I reassembled it. If necessary, I will, but it's the 'target' model and I've got the extension locked down. I, too, was surprised the two sides were different.
The target model doesn't make any difference. With exception of the longer barrel, longer barrel sleeve and stabilizer it is the same pistol. Barrels are interchangeable...3.4" and 5". I'll open the safe and have a look. 1917

Here is on in the up/locked position...new QD model. The lever has never been removed. This doesn't show the lower portion of the lever. I'm sure I have pictures somewhere....it not I can have a closer looked and put one up.
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Well, from the picture it looks like the indentation is the oval one. It may be that only early P22s have different sides - although I have no idea why.

This is what my old one looks like from the front. The retaining pin snaps into the polymer recess provided for it on the grip.

To remove the lever you tilt up the pin, remove it and then the lever pull off the bottom of the grip/frame..

I can't remember if the rear looks the same as the front. I was thinking it did and the lever could be installed either way. Perhaps not and perhaps it has been changed. No matter, it should go back in something like this and if it only fits one way then that should be the correct way. If you look closely you can see that just a narrow space along the top of the U is engaged by the muzzle. 1917
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Thanks for the pics, 1917 - I appreciate your going to the trouble. The side I put back in at the front looks like this one, so I'm confident it's right. I did try it both ways, with the 'M' side forward, and it also fit. The 'M' side forward makes no sense, however, so I'm sure this is correct. Again, I don't know why they didn't make both sides the same, or at least leave the other side blank. I'm usually careful to pay attention to "right side up" when I disassemble, but the lever dropped out on me when I removed the pin, and I didn't notice which side was forward.

Again, I appreciate it.

You can remove the polymer grip/frame any time you like simply by pressing the two roll pins out and then carefully pull it down away from the top of the pistol. No need to even remove the slide. One caution other than empty pistol and no mag installed...make sure the little spring that presses the slide catch arm down doesn't fly away. It is on the left side of the pistol and easily held in place if you know you should do so. To reassemble, install the little spring, install the stop arm, make sure the spring stays put and then slide on the grip. The longer roll pin goes in the front hole. Those photos are probably from about 2005. 1917
OK, here is a pic of the two sides of my takedown lever. The oval side is the side I ended up putting forward (with the pin in it). The M side is the sice I put toward the rear. This is what caused my initial confusion - I didn't know which of the two sides should face forward. I have no idea why the back of the lever is cut out the way it is, but it made me wonder if there was a purpose to the 'M' shape. Guess not.

Trigger Finger Auto part Revolver

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The part might actually work either way. It depends on whether or not the slightly thicker rear side will allow the lever to be pulled down far enough for the slide to be fully retracted....but the oval side does indeed go forward.

Here is an old, old observation that many mechanics use when working on any type of machinery. Often times you can tell which way a part fits, a washer, a bolt, a gasket, any number of items by taking a close look at the wear pattern left either on the part or the part it attaches to. In this case it is clear that the muzzle cup is hitting the oval side as seen by the wear marks. Look closely and you can see where the rim of the muzzle cup under the slide is being stopped when it hits the take down lever. Stopping the slide is the the purpose of the lever. Pulling it down allows the slide to be moved far enough rearward so the the slide grooves clear the frame rails.

BTW, the little pin just keeps the part from falling off the pistol when you pull the lever down. If you lost the pin, the part could still be pressed up into position and would work fine. 1917
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