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Tac Q4

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How many out there have Tac Q4’s, and what holsters are available and any issues good and bad.
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Shot my PPQ Q4 yesterday with no problems. I don't have a holster yet. Feels just like my PPQ M1!

I have shot 200 rds through in, great shooter. Has more muzzle flip than my M&P.
love my TAC.
I would think that any Holster made for the 4” PPQ (M1 or M2) with an open bottom would work. Without checking the overall barrel length I would guess a closed bottom holster made for a PPQ 5” would work. Basically the shape of all PPQs are the same, which means that shorter ones will fit in holsters made for longer ones (ie PPQ SC fits very well into a PPQ 4” holster). Its only when you add something which alters the basic shape of the gun, in your case you have a longer barrel in a 4” frame. If you add optics that would probably require some custom work done to the holster. I’m envious of all of you all.
Just acquired a Q4 Tac so I don't have a holster purchased specifically for it but it fits perfectly in two different brand holsters that were made for a full size HK USP 9. One is a Red Hill Tactical comp holster and the other is a XST RTI Kydex Holster from G-Code.
Any holster for a navy or 5 in model should be fine. You just need to make sure if you have an optic mounted that you have clearance there for it to fit. I had a pps with a bravo concealment dos holster and when I got the rmsc version it would not fit, I had to get a holster made by Huckleberry tactical for it which is way nicer anyway but something to note.

KT mech is my go to for owb and huckleberry for iwb for Walther but there are a lot more options for the ppq than there was even a year ago

Huckleberry has specific options to select for threaded barrel, optic etc
How many out there have Tac Q4’s, and what holsters are available and any issues good and bad.
I have a Q4 TAC with a DeltaPoint Pro on it. I’ve ordered a holdster from DARA HOLSTERS & GEAR. Haven’t seen it yet but they custom build them at reasonable prices to suit this model with or without accessories. Mine is the: Custom Kydex Optic Cut OWB Holster. Their customer service is great if you have questions.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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