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Suitable for appendix carry

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Reviewing some pistols I own that are safer for appendix carry I came up with this list:
HK P 2000 ( DA SA pistol )
S&W M&P compact 2.0 with safety
Sig 320 compact with safety
HK P 30 compact ( 10 round limit though )
I would be a bit anxious trying to carry a Glock, PPQ, PDP etc as they have short trigger pulls on them. I imagine there are some more; but those I have.
The Walther P 99 is one sweet pistol and it is too bad Walther dropped it. I understand everyone wants optics and the P 99 does not fit that desire. I still like the P 99 though.
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The entire premise of appendix carry completely contradicts the non-negotiable 2nd rule of firearm safety: "NEVER point a firearm at ANYTHING that you're not willing to destroy or kill." We spend hours of training learning how not to sweep the muzzle of our weapons past any part of our body during firearm presentation and/or re-holstering.

However, AIWB carry with a chambered-round firearm (typically with a cocked striker/hammer) pointing directly at some VERY precious body parts is totally contrary to proper firearms safety. I'm sorry, but I don't understand how the risk of severe injury or death is worth the few advantages of appendix carry.
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