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Suitable for appendix carry

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Reviewing some pistols I own that are safer for appendix carry I came up with this list:
HK P 2000 ( DA SA pistol )
S&W M&P compact 2.0 with safety
Sig 320 compact with safety
HK P 30 compact ( 10 round limit though )
I would be a bit anxious trying to carry a Glock, PPQ, PDP etc as they have short trigger pulls on them. I imagine there are some more; but those I have.
The Walther P 99 is one sweet pistol and it is too bad Walther dropped it. I understand everyone wants optics and the P 99 does not fit that desire. I still like the P 99 though.
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Does anyone else get nervous when they appendix carry? I tend to not, or have it further off to the side, there's just lots of important stuff in that general area and if I ever actually needed to draw it'd probably be the one time I screw up and pull the trigger as I pull the gun out.
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When Mas said “none of us have anything up front we want to lose”, I thought to myself boy that’s an antiquated statement. These days there’s plenty who have the want to lose what they have up front 😝

Well, it's safer.

I'm now going to be waiting for someone to come up with a report of how someone got injured from Israeli carry, but the bottom line is that there is going to be a balance between safe and effective. A 20lb trigger with two manual safeties carried on the ankle is going to be safer. A 1/2 pound trigger with a 1/2mm trigger travel carried apendix is going to be more effective. Somewhere in between is where I'm comfortable.
I personally like safeties on just regular 9mms, like on the Taurus G3C, takes a millisecond to flip down and you can do it while you're drawing and not lose any time at all, you just need to practice.
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