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Specs can be found on Streamlight's webpage as this is just an updated TLR-7 with new switches.

In case anyone didn't know, the 7A style switch addresses a universal complaint against the original TLR-7/8 lights with the side buttons. I got the FLEX version which comes with the "high" switch installed and a "low" switch option to swap. After mounting the light, I can't see the need for the "low" option and suspect Streamlight will do away with it altogether in the future. Based on the shape and location of the serrations, both switches are designed to be pressed downwards for activation. However, the switch also allows for push-forward activation.

The downwards activation feels most natural for my support-hand thumb while the forwards activation feels most natural for my trigger finger. The switches are ambidextrous and function identically on either side of the light. A long press activates the light in momentary mode while a short press is constant-on. There's also a strobe option that's disabled by default and can be enabled with Streamlight's "TEN-TAP" programming.

I'm impressed with the level of detail and options included in the TLR-7A package. There are six rail keys to fine-tune the position of the light; two for "universal" pistol slots and four for 1913 slots. The default -1 pushes the light the farthest back towards the trigger. If we reference that as position 0, then (approximately):

UNIV-1 = 0mm
UNIV-2 = +5mm
1913-1 = 0mm
1913-2 = +2mm
1913-3 = +7mm
1913-4 = +10mm

Streamlight provides a Compatibility List with rail key recommendations but there are currently no listings for Walther.

Here are some photos of the light test-fitted to a PPQ and P99.

PPQ w/1913-1:

P99 w/UNIV-2:

I ended up choosing the 1913-2 key for the PPQ because the trigger guard felt a bit crowded with the light so far back. The P99 only has one slot so the only key that worked was the UNIV-2. Once you choose your rail key, you can install a provided e-clip using the included tool to capture the thumbscrew. This prevents tool-less rail key changes but also prevents losing the thumbscrew.

If it matters to anyone, the package says "Assembled in the USA of U.S. and Foreign Parts." I have no idea what that means. I think Streamlight has made a very competitive light for the PPQ/P99 and similar compact pistols. This is now my preferred light for my PPQ.
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