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I have been looking and outbid for weeks now, I need a box for my Walther P99.

I current own a pre-'04 OD GREEN P99-AS.............I need the case, backstraps tools-----------basically all of its contents.

I know somebody here has a dusty box somewhere in their closet not doing anything.........I NEED IT PLEASE!!!

I will pay or trade for it........

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Waltheramerica sells the box for $12 on the website....
I just contacted the guy who won the last box on eby.... asking him for the test target since I know the location of the P99 going along with it.....
anyhow you can either order that online or call S&W and order it... I am sure you can get the rest from them too and cheaper than on ebay... sometimes they are known to give sight blades and backstraps for free.....

I am so mad about that auction last night...
Collectors firearms out of Houston Texas sells the boxes to some guy who turns around and sells them on ebay.... wtf don't they know that guns with box and test target go for more $ and collect better.....
Well I hope I made the guy who won that auction last night feel stupid.... since I wasn't bidding on the box...
If I would had bought that P99 I would had bid big money on it but since the gun comes with a $300 BA6 laser that I don't want to pay for right now I just let it go....... I would have paid big money for that box having th matching gun
done ranting... lol....
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