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St. Etienne PPK/S...What have I got here?

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I found a PPK/S in a local store and put a deposit on it. It's a very nice piece, maybe 90% finish. The thing is that there's no "Made in..." roll, just a Walther banner on one side and the Interarms roll on the other.

It does have the French proof mark on the barrel and slide, so I'm figuring it's a Manurhin gun imported by Interarms.

Am I correct? I hoping it's of European manufacture. Is there a pecking order regarding ppk quality?

The serial is 253XXX,if that helps.
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It's a Manurhin - AS far as pecking order, I would say, for a ppk/s, quality would be right at the top.
Absolutely nothing wrong with Manurhin.
If it's got a Walther banner/rollmarks it's a Walther. Made under license by Manurhin but still technically a Walther. It'll probably say Made in France right near the lanyard ring plug.
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