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Ss marked 1910 mauser

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Hey guys got a bit of a weird one today, I picked up a 1910 from a friend and collector who had it for about 9 years, this collectors knows the gentleman he got it from who said it was the first firearm he ever bought. It's a 1910 from 1934 I think a third transitional model, with possible ss markings on the rear.
Knowing the guy I got it from and the history of guns he has had coming from someone with over 30 lugers, and all kinds of police model walthers and mauser pps,ppks, and p38s to the point of around 600 guns.
The frame has been dented on the side from the eagle mark, and it is in strikingly good condition but with original wear and fireblue it would seem. Let me guys know what you think.

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Must say, I've never seen that before. I've seen some deathheads on k98K's but never a handgun.
Like you read on the other forum....phoney stamps ruined a beautiful pocket Mauser.
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