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A little while back I found an SP22 M1 languishing in a pawn shop that I decided to take a chance on. I’m glad I did as it shoots really well, in spite of the very large sights (yes, using the narrowest one) and kinda funky trigger. I will be getting some extra mags to enjoy it more and looking for a muzzle adapter for when my stamp arrives.
It’d be great to find the smaller grip but not essential. Ability to find replacement guide rod buffers would be a plus, too.
About the only real problem I can find with it is that the extraction isn’t very positive. It ejects fine during firing as would be expected for blowback. But if there’s a dud round the extractor just doesn’t want to grab it. Without taking it apart the claw looks to be ok, but I will inspect further. The breech face and under the extractor seem to be clean.
It could also be that it had been dry fired quite a bit in the past and that the chamber is a little peened, sticky, or something like that. I will need to take it down further and check.
Beyond that it’s run great so far with a variety of cheap ammo and that’s my main metric for a successful rimfire pistol.
In the meantime might anyone else have ideas about this or common occurrences/fixes that they’ve experienced?
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