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Something you don’t see every day

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Recently got this 68 Walther TP off gunbroker. Surprised it popped up on there. Can’t seem to find much on them but I’m in search for a box and extra mag if anyone can help. Thanks guys
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Good morning,
Martin I think you are right as I have already written the situation is similar in Italy.
With a standard license you can’t keep more than 3 concelated carry, so many are 'reluctant to use a place for small 6.35 and prices are often low.
This, for example, does not apply to big gun eg. 1911 Colts that are not concelated carry and have demand and high prices for us.
To have a wider license (collection without concelated carry) you need a dedicated deposit (safe) and a lot of patience.
I for mine waited almost 6 months for police time.
Fixed the license issue you have to pay $30 of tax on each purchase.
Great excuse to buy more guns together and pay just once, the fee is fixed.
Otherwise you risk, as happened to me, to spend on taxes and transportation the same as for the gun
Ciao Carlo
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