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Something I see as crazy

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I see on this and other forums somebody asking for a price than friends and family only.
crazy fellas. There’s no protection for you if you send money that way. Use goods and services and the fee is the sellers. They could certainly include it in their price but not as an add on.
If you use friends and family and get beat you were warned
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There are just enough folks out there with no common sense to make this sort of scam EXTREMELY profitable and the individual lost dollar amounts are low enough that neither local, state or federal law enforcement will look into it - even though these crimes are often repeated againd and again or even coordinated.

I heard a cop griping the other day about airtags and vehicles with GPS on them... apparently they get a large number of phone calls from citizens saying "My stolen property is in exactly this location" and the police consider it a waste of their time.
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