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Something I see as crazy

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I see on this and other forums somebody asking for a price than friends and family only.
crazy fellas. There’s no protection for you if you send money that way. Use goods and services and the fee is the sellers. They could certainly include it in their price but not as an add on.
If you use friends and family and get beat you were warned
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I completely quit using PayPal for a lot of the reasons in the post here.
Me too.
I cancelled my PayPal due to their efforts to limit our Constitutional 2A freedoms.
Had to wait 90 days to be made whole 100%?

At least you got your money back. I still prefer using USPS money orders and shipping.
I find the USPS MOs to be the most secure.
The best deterrence feature is the fact that POS scammers and anyone who assists them can be hit with Federal Felony level charges (no 'good time credits' or early release BS after a conviction), along with the possibility of catching RICO charges.

You don't F' with the fed.gov, they HATE competition.
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