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Something I see as crazy

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I see on this and other forums somebody asking for a price than friends and family only.
crazy fellas. There’s no protection for you if you send money that way. Use goods and services and the fee is the sellers. They could certainly include it in their price but not as an add on.
If you use friends and family and get beat you were warned
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PayPal, and related services (i.e. Venmo), offer no protection for anything having to do with firearms and is well-known for their anti-2A stance. If I must use their services, I do not want to give them more than the 2-3 days interest they can make with my money before the seller is able to transfer to a bank account. Yes, PayPal/Venmo holds onto your money for 2-3 days every time you use their service or charges extra to get the money out sooner.

Treat online transactions as you would any other direct transaction and research the seller/buyer before rushing a deal that seems too good to be true.
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