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Something I see as crazy

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I see on this and other forums somebody asking for a price than friends and family only.
crazy fellas. There’s no protection for you if you send money that way. Use goods and services and the fee is the sellers. They could certainly include it in their price but not as an add on.
If you use friends and family and get beat you were warned
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You are correct but I don’t think certain items like holsters, belts etc would be part of that would they? If I’m wrong than why use them at all. Send a PO
If PayPal is going to hold your money for two or three days anyway, wouldn't it be similar to sending a money order via the post? Sure, the USPS has its days where things get lost or undelivered. Fair enough, but the money order is backed and can be replaced, no?

If you are going to allow your money to sit in essentially an escrow for up to three days, why not just have it mailed to you (given that the buyer gets right to post office and gets the money order out post-haste). That way its the same amount of time, no messing with "Friends or Family" and trying to skirt their rules. Stop giving them the money via their "fees". One less cost.
I agree my point was you’re gonna eventually get robbed w friends and family unless they really are friends and family. People are silly believing they can read through someone’s intent
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