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My PPQc i picked up last week. Yeah, that's a P99c finger rest...can't (yet) find the Qc specific part..don't want a whole mag but I suppose I could buy one...extra mag never hurt, right?

With the rest, it's barely big enough, I have above average hands.

Then there's the +2 baseplate using the stock Qc 15 round spring and mag body. Works perfectly fine with 100 rounds through it with that mag alone. I guess I'll trust it..

No real point, just wanted to brag a little. Seems the Qc is kind of like the step child...tolerated, but not truly loved...

Yeah, my PPS is still my go-to EDC but the Qc isn't bad at all. Still, rather have a Q trigger in a P99c for mag commonality with my PPQ. :)

Oh well. I like the Qc, don't love it, however. "Step child".. ;)

Over 650 rounds in now, never hiccuped once. Guess it has that going for it.
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