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Excellent condition .40 P99 AS. Round count less than 500 w/ minor holster wear as shown in pics. Currently has luminescent sights installed (they glow after exposure to light but not dedicated tritium night sights). The trigger on this pistol is phenomenal.

Comes with all items shown, including three 12rd magazines (no ammo, of course), case, Safariland 578 OWB paddle holster w/ grip-lock retention, extra Hi-Viz fiber optic front sight post Rubberized Talon grips installed - easily removed if they're not your thing but I like them.

For full transparency, I initially had FTF issues with one magazine using three different brands of factory brass ammo (Geco, WWB, Am. Eagle). After disassembly and reassembly of the magazine, there were no issues. I have marked that mag with a sticker on the baseplate, just in case. It could've been me, it could've been the mag - who knows?

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