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I posted this a while back, but no interest. I'm hoping to sell this and pick up a PDP. 600 shipped from SD ffl. Has fewer than 500 rounds through it (all 38 special/ some 38 +p, NO 357 magnum shot through this). This was originally my wife's gun, but we found something better for her (EZ M&P 380). We purchased this brand new. Comes with DeSantis holster, Hogue grip (which is on the gun), stock grip, Pachmayr compac grip, a pack of Wolff hammer springs, and two DeSantis swift strips. I had a gunsmith bob the hammer on this. It's a great gun, but she doesn't use it any more and I don't use it. Let me know if you have any questions. I will hear offers also. Shipping CONUS, ffl to ffl.

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