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I went out behind the hacienda a couple of days ago and ran a full magazine of cheap wwwb ammo thru my recently acquired SOG/German surplus P5.

I only fired from 7' for two reasons.  I'm a senior citizen with declining visibility and shaky hands, therefore can't really see both the end of the pistol and the target further out.  Also, I shoot all of my firearms at what I consider legal "self defense" range, which to me is 7' more or less..

I shot standing, two hand grip.

The initial da round impacted pretty near the bullseye, and the following 8 rounds impacted slightly lower and a bit to the right of center.

I've only fired approximately 50rds thru the P5, and I think I'm getting a little more accurate each time I shoot the pistol.

I have ordered new standard strength recoil springs from Wolff, and a set of Hogue rubber grips, but neither have arrived yet.

Guess the "slide wear" from holster use didn't effect the shooting aspects of the old P5 to any negative degree..

I'm well pleased with my SOG P5..

Best Wishes,

J. Pomeroy

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From what I have seen on Surplus German police guns they have more holsterwear than anything..... there has been reportsd of P7 police trades looking like barely shot when you look at the internals
The P5 is a great gun... shoots with soft recoil and is IMHO very accurate.

thanks for the pics... and for the "shaky" hands - doesn't look like they are that shaky....

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