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Seems like they are going after the same niche as the Smith&Wesson SLEEZE Shield or whatever it is called. Maybe it will catch on if it works.

It will be interesting to see if they will keep the "Soft Coil" gas system or go with a simple blowback in the .380acp verson.

I owned the .380acp version of the HK P7 back in the day. If I remember right it was a simple blowback rather than gas operated like the 9mm versions. On second thought, maybe it was a blowback with some sort of hydrolic buffer system.

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With the history of feed and ejection issues with the 9mm version I wonder how it would operate in .380. Granted there is not much difference between the two calibers, but ever 115 gr 9mm and 124 gr makes a difference in the operation of the ccp.

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The serial is different between the slide and fram, but in both pics, the frams are the same, as is the barrels.

The rear sight is different between the pics.

One of them also has a hole at the rear of the slide, the other one has a hole behind the ejection port.

Granted these are stock photos, but until I see a pic of the real McCoy, the thing probably doesn't exist.. LOL

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The slide on the black model even lacks the Walther banner. The rear sight is the one from a P22. By the way, the serial number is wellknown... the predecessor model showed the same number already but at least it wasn't mismatched. :eek:



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