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Well I don't think my advice is especially wanted on this topic but since we're all throwing it out there, I'll join in. I of course am with the others in that chambered and ready to fire is the best way to carry. If your carry method makes you worry that the trigger is insufficiently protected though I would urge you to reconsider carrying without a round chambered and not decocked on a QA. If you have to manipulate the slide I think you'd be far better giving it a full front to back rack or knowing if you have to do it one handed you can place it and push it. I think in a high stress time if you attempt to cock the gun on a chambered round you're just asking to rack the slide too far to cock it and not far enough to clear it completely and wind up with a partial ejection or some feeding issue that will really throw a wrench into your plans. Ymmv, just something to consider.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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