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Slide Lock - HELP

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Today I was running a round into my P99 (9mm, AA, all German) and the slide did not close all the way (1/16" open), then I released the mag, and tried to eject the live round and the slide was stuck. Only by greatly increasing the force to retract did I get the round clear. It happened consistently with several different 10 round mags regardless of the number of round in the mag. Something internal is out of line but what? Where do I start to debug this? Your advice please.
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The same ammo I've been using for the past couple of years - 124 Speer Gold Dot. The same ammo feeds well through my P7 and my Glock 26. Could my extractor be gummed up? Do I need to remove the firing pin assembly and clean out the inside? When I practice shoot it is ususally with Winchester white box 115 gr, the 124 GD is for real work and I usually put at least a mag of that through with each range session.
I spoke too soon - I just went down to my basement and ran a few Gold Dots thru - all got stuck. Then I went to my white box stuff - all smooth as silk! I've got that box labeled now and will try it out with the other weapons, then compare the serial numbers to other boxes I have. Update later.
Thanks to all for their replies. I went through my inventory of ammo and have three variations. The Winchester white box works fine, the Speer Gold Dot 124gr, lot #A15F22 also works well. It is only the GD lot #B09D24 that jams up. I have three boxes and random samples from all three exhibit the same behavior. Based on case color (silver, not brass) and the bullet nose design (six notches, longer taper) I believe these to be second generation. In any case, my other guns feed it ok so I'll just be careful what I load.
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