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There is another thread about the stuck slide however it's been over 5 years since anyone commented on it so I'm asking again. I've pulled the slide back too far when reassembling. This is what another person suggested.

I realize this post is closing on a year old, but wanted to thank you all. I got a CCP last weekend, and ran into this problem about an hour ago. What i found, by using clues in this thread, was that a quarter turn of the locking cap to the right allowed it to eject from the slide. From there, i could remove the spring from the obstruction and the get the slide unstuck.

Damn, I'm glad i didn't have to send my new boomer back to Walther.

Sent From TapaTalk, and still avoiding Leetspeak

Now I've got my locking cap off and got no idea what to do next. I cant remove the spring like he said he could. Any suggestions?
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