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I went to the range today to fire my new P99 40s and for the first couple of magazines of firing in my AS, everything worked fine.  Then on the third mag the slide did not want to lock back after the last round was fired.  So I tried the other mag, and the same thing happened.

"This sucks", I thought.

Fortunately, I had my QA 40 at the range as well and checked to see if the slide on it would lock back with the same mags I was using in my AS.  It did lock back with all of the mags I used.

So I tried the mags that came with the QA in my AS and the slide started locking back again.  Weird.

I went home and cleaned them both, and I put some oil on the slide release lever and hopefully that will help.  I guess I'll just have to work the lever a bit for a while and hopefully it will get pushed up when the mag is empty.

Does anyone have any other thoughts on how to get the slide to lock back every time, or is putting oil on the slide release lever and working it up and down the best way?


Oh yeah, both guns shot GREAT!  I think I do better with my 40s than with my 9mms.

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This was a problem with the very first Walthers to come to the USA............and its solution started S&W down the path of changing springs and magazine designs [ against Walther's advice ] But I thought the problem had been cured. I think Walther made a change to the tiny spring that initiated the lock-back.

If its a new gun............ I wouldn't start worrying until I broke in the gun a few hundred rounds. I would shoot at least 500 rds and see where you are at with reliability. My new Walther / Smith & Wesson .40 cal .......... didn't want to chamber anything but Nickel plated rds when it was new. After 500 rds it would eat anything I fed it.

Keep us posted.........

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