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SInce it worked for Yelf...P99 9mm Deals?

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Inspired by the great price Yelf was told about in his thread, I've made this one:

I'm looking for a P99 in 9mm, preferably in a black frame. I've been keeping an eye out at all the sites that I know of, and I've posted WTB messages at a several (including this one), but perhpas one of you has come across a deal that I've missed?

Thanks in advance!
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The Firing Line posted an O.D. 9mm with pics. I think he wanted $400. Check it out
Yes, that's a heckofadeal also. Not that I need another P99, but it's tempting. Here it is:


Well, it looks like that one has been taken. I sent the seller an email (and well before the other offer was posted), but if I were her/him, I'd take that local offer.

gunsamerica.com and gunbroker.net don't have any good deal right now. I'm a patient man, so I'll just keep an eye out for another couple of weeks. If I don't find anything by then, I'll order one from Doc.

So if anybody spots a deal, please let me know through this thread.
Try posting WTB's on various sites. It's worth a try.
Dave, I did.

*looks at first post*

No hits yet, though. I may have found one though, somewhere else. It's a military model, brand new, but it's a good price.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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