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SilencerCo Sparrow SS suppressor on a P22.

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The suppressor Stamp finally came in. Jan to late September. I got the suppressor when I found them on sale for $250. I haven't shot it much but first impressions are...significant first round pop. CCI Mini Mags...loud, similar to shooting a med length rifle barrel. Federal bulk, first round pop that isn't too bad, subsequent shots sound like a fairly loud pellet gun. CCI Quiet, small first round pop, subsequent shots very quiet. They will not cycle the slide, the case won't even extract. Short barrel version. I will screw it on the 5" barrel and see if that shows any difference. The CCI mini mags still require ear protection in my opinion. The others are quiet enough to fire without protection unless yo were to shoot hundreds. The above assessment is shooting outside. Inside or under a roof....there is much more noise reflected back to the shooter.

Is it worth it. I'd say yes....but it doesn't really quiet those highest speed rounds down as quiet as you might think. Stingers would certainly be loud. Firing Mini Mags....and the neighbors are going to clearly hear you. 1917
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Interesting. I've thought about getting one myself. I am surprised that the you had issues with slide cycling. I figured the back pressure created by the silencer would improve function. Is there a reason that the first shot is louder than subsequent shots? Is that true of all cans?
I think so. It is called first round pop. The suppressor is full of fresh, cool air. Actually I can tell the difference in unsuppressed rounds first shot compared to follow up shots compared to changing the magazine and cycling in a fresh round. Why exactly this occurs I'm not sure. Less air, oxygen, in the suppressor while it is still hot after a shot....but it is very easy to hear the difference. The rounds that won't cycle the slide are CCI Quiets. The reason they are quieter is that they don't have as much powder/velocity/energy. But they are quiet. Target ammo will likely be quieter than the faster HV rounds. I think there probably is an increase in blowback pressure which should help with cycling but some ammo simply isn't anywhere near powerful enough.

There is a substantial reduction in sound even with the first round pop...short barrel .22 pistols are right up there with 9mm, .40, .45 and rifle rounds...in other words....loud. 165 db loud....way above permanent ear damaging loud. I forget what the Sparrow drops the db to but there are plenty of tests on-line where this has been recorded and of course each suppressor manufacturer lists how much each can reduces the noise. My guess is there isn't much difference in noise...10/22 vs suppressed P22 with high velocity ammo on that first shot. 1917
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Same model I have that I use on my MkII. Weak rounds do prevent consistent cycling with the suppressor that would normally cycle the weapon. My preferred non-suppressor intended 22LR is Aguila 22 Super Extra HV copper plated rounds. Cheap, consistent, and accurate out of my MkII. First round is always the loudest but still quieter than without the suppressor. Subsequent rounds are ear safe inside without protection. I bought mine from my LGS which is also my range so I was able to enjoy the suppressor while waiting for the wheels of government to slowly grind.
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Thanks for the reviews guys. I was looking at a Sparrow for my first suppressor. I may have to put that on hold now while I research some others.
All of them have first round pop. To minimize it you can spray some water into the suppressor. Some people spray Rem Rem oil. If you had a can of some gas with a long straw nozzle that would allow you to displace the regular air with something that would not burn then you would have no pop with the first round. One of the really important things to consider is the ability to be able to take the suppresser apart for cleaning. If you can't.....it will lose it ability of suppress sound while it gets heavier and heavier as it fills with lead. They are hard to clean unless they can be taken apart....one of the main reasons I purchased this model. 1917
I personally think suspressors are all about the cool factor.Because you can.
But if you thing they are movie quit. Not even close. I will say I do own a MP5SD (9mm) and it actually quieter than the movies in full auto.
I do own quite a few suspressors but the only 22 I have is a Gemtech GM-22 my girlfriend uses on one of my/hers Ruger 22/45. I thing there all about the same when it comes to noise level reduced.
One thing to keep in mind when shooting suspressed you better enjoy cleaning your guns after every range trip Oh an disassembling an cleaning the suspressor. I will say the G-core is easy not like old technology of stacks of little cones.
Especially in 22 they get trashed with filthy crud. It looks like 100 rounds = 500 rds of dirt
I usually shoot cci mini mag.I've never been able to get a semi auto 22 to cycle on subsonic
So gentleman and ladies go for it. Don't forget the one with the most toys wins.


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One big advantage for suppressed 22LR is training. For new shooters there is easier communication between teacher and student, less flinch, and the cool factor adds to student excitement in my experience.
That goes for old shooters also. The fact that there isn't going to be big blast, even with ear protection sure diminishes the flinch anticipation. There are likely many ammunition types that will be fairly quite in these and I haven't tested many. Federal target is quiet. Those snappy rounds are the ones that are likely to remain a bit more than quiet. Cool factor....I'm not sure about that...I just wanted to quiet the racket down and open up possibilities of additional shooting areas. If firearms, lawnmowers, chain saws, table saws, weedeaters, etc. were all silent it would be fine with me. The most annoying sound in my house is the vacuum cleaner....what is it with those things....a really annoying sound that just hits a certain range in my ears that is aggravating. 1917
I'll play around with this suppressor and see what if anything makes the first round pop go away. 1917
I never have as many glances, requests, and offers to trade for a few rounds as when I have a suppressor on a weapon at the range. Cool factor is real....even if its not really cool but it sure increases the excitement in many.
Do you need suppressor hight sights when using a can?
It depends on the can. Most are small enough in diameter so that the sights can be seen. The entire front blade is not above the suppressor on a P22 but the top half of the blade is so all is good. Which is good because there are no options for other rear sights. 1917
I attached a 'sound forwarder' to my P22QD this weekend and took it out for a spin. Cost about 20 bucks or so and doesn't require the license paperwork of a suppressor.
I took my db meter with me to measure the before and after. Unfortunately my darn batteries died! But to my ear the difference in sound was quite noticable. I'll try again next weekend with working batteries in my meter.
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