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Sig P320 M17 -coyote 9mm for sale-"new gun"

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Sig P320 M17 -coyote 9mm for sale-"new gun"did U see additional $75 discount

This is the gun awarded contract for US military. this gun bought 2/19/19- have receipt. 'Really a " new gun"
Factory case, manual , lock, 2 mags --every thing as came from factory. only 400 rounds thru this gun. Paid $667.98 on 2/19...will sacrifice for $565.00
can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone or text at 843-229-3871

Reducing price on this gun by $75.00 if you want this gun why pay $170 more than gun purchased I Feb. and hardly shot?


this gun has no safety, which many like, and is hard to find
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Be sure you see the $75 price reduction-it doesn't seem to show up- this is the Sig M17
Sig M17

Have any pictures of the gun? Im in NC
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