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Shortened PPQ slide release

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So in this video a guy cut down his ppq slide release to make it more unobtrusive
I have a buddy who works in a machine shop and could potentially have him make a shortned slide release that could be installed without having to cut it down yourself. I am wondering if this is something that people would be interested in. While I really like the ppq slide release for ease of dropping the slide it is also one of the few guns that only locks back for me half of the time and if I'm driving my thumbs forward like I should be it really doesn't lock back hardly at all. I have to swing my thumbs out to make it be able to lock back. Anyway it was just a thought. What yall think
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Heyas Yankchef!

Ummm, me personally I've never had a problem with my thumbs on the slide lever. I can however, see this as a marketable item. As yes, there definitely are a fair number of people that have the issue, and can't or won't train themselves out of it.
And considering the ease of which this particular mod could be handled, especially with a machineshop available about the only part that would be any kind of time consuming would be the cleanup to the cut, afterwards. And whatever time it takes for the blueing or chosen finish to cure so that it doesn't rust.
Honestly, I can see it as a service that would serve a niche market. Not a large market, but I can see it as being something that some folks would want.
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