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Shorten spring for suppressor

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I have been reading on here where people are advising against changing the recoil spring length on P22s because they are engineered correctly and feeding issues are likely ammunition issues. While my P22 recoils and operates just fine with many brands of ammunition, when I put the suppressor on it and fire it with subsonic ammunition, it doesn't feed properly and is essentially a single shot pistol. I thought about cutting a link off at a time until it cycles properly and using that spring for subsonic loads when shooting through the suppressor and keeping a second spring for normal rounds. What are your thoughts?
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Isn't the P22 a fixed barrel model? So the barrel doesn't need to tilt to unlock the gun from battery. So adding a can shouldn't impact function, but actually cause more blowback, no? I have a Ruger Charger 10/22, and the action functions MORE reliably with the can on it, as the expanding gasses are caught in the can and back pressure is increased slightly. (Runs dirtier, too, but that is a story for another thread on another day.)

I am all about finding out the issue and rectifying it, so this chopping the spring until you get it to work right, sounds like a solid plan. I also like your idea of getting another factory OEM spring to put back in when running sonic.
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