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Short changed

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Walther owners are short changed when it comes to anything except custom holsters

Gould & Goodrich

make little for the p99, some make nothing (G&G)

To get decent leather you have to go custom at higher dollars.

I will say Blackhawk has leather in all of the styles (CQC) for the P99
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Tucker Gunleather, and Lou Allessi also both make some top notch leather and leather/kydex hybrids for the P99.
Oh, I am aware of the Custom makers. I was speciffically speaking of the mass produced stuff.
FIST makes a Kydex holster for the P99 Compact that I just ordered (http://www.fist-inc.com/holsters/k1/K8.htm). I tried BladeTech and they don't have a mold yet. When mine comes in I'll submit a report. My High Noon Hidden Impact (http://www.highnoonholsters.com/Product_Line/Hidden_Impact/hidden_impact.html) for my SIG P228 also fits my Beretta 92FS Compact Type M perfectly and I'm hoping it will fit my P99 Compact, too. I have a week to go before the waiting period is up and I'll post a report as soon as I can.

Checkout www.grahamholsters.com.
dillon precision makes a great holster for about 50!
I got a Don Hume NH715 a couple of weeks ago.

It was an experiment to see if I'd like it, but so far I do.

At $18 I figured I wasn't out much if I didn't like it.

And none of the other makers could tell me for sure that my '05 would fit properly.
In a pinch Galco USP leather works great! Good retention, generous reholstering area, and readily available
I visited Ted Blocker Holsters yesterday, and their holsters are pretty nice. They'd just returned from a show and didn't have most of their samples back on the showroom floor, but the ones out there seemed pretty nice.

Ted Blocker Holsters...
I agree with regard to Ted Blocker. I have purchased several holsters from them, a high ride hip holster (DA-1) and their Lifeline Should Rig for my P99 and also couple of holsters for my S&W3913. The 3913 DA-1 and shoulder rig have both seen a lot of use and hold up great and after several years use, they still look like new. Have had shoulder holsters from various makers over the years, Ted Blocker's has to be the most comfortable. A few years back, had a S&W Performance Center pistol that I could not find a holster for and they made one up for me / modified a standard holster design at a very reasonable price. Shelly was great to deal with and holsters always came in the mail sooner than anticipated. Highly recommend them. They also include a little adjustable tab with the high ride belt holsters so you can adjust the slot to the size belt you wear.
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