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ok its all german early import 40110X I was told by a guru here its early......

Great pistol.....

I officially swear off or at Glocks now.. they wont get me back except for the G27 compact..

I used Winchester white box 40 cal.
300 rounds

Not one miss feed or anything.

Trigger was great in SA the DA trigger seemd a little long and hard but I only shoot in Mode 3. Mags are easy to load, very easy to bring to target. It does have night sights. Meps I believe. Tac reload was easy the slide release a real joy to use. Although I have been using the 1911 way of sling shotting the slide but with this release I go back to dropping the slide release. Reloads are extremely easy the mags drop free nicely. The look is awesome. I really do like this pistol.........Functionaly the pistol is flawless and easy to use the slide is smooth the trigger is just incredible....
Muzzle flip....hummmmmm to me it does have some that to me is noticeable... I am going to try the diff. grip inserts to see if one give me less flip then the other. I think that may help.....
My slide does have some holster wear marks or scuff would be better said.. anybody know who can refinish my slide?

Night sights.....Well I have seen better and for a draw back I would have to say the Night Sight housing are way obtruisive The ears of the rear take a real beating....Does give me much comfort because a carry gun it does get thrown around a bit....
COmparison to what I was shooting that day I was shooting a NIB Colt commander. Extremely nice Blued pistol.. Too purty to use on a daily basis or carry piece I cringe at the thought of tossing it around the way i do the Walther. To me the COlt would end up being a safe queen.. Although I do have an offer to trade it...45 is nice but the lmited number of rounds the square edges dont make the colt a very nice carry partner.Plus there is a weight issue.. the colt needs to be on a diet.

As for 45/40 dif in Caliber eh. I'll let others argue about that the 40 seems to be very acceptable in self defense
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