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I used to go to the range 1-2x a month. After getting divorced about 18 months ago, money is tighter with just 1 income.

When I went Saturday, it was just the 2nd time shooting in 12 months. I started out "ok," but it went downhill from there. I was shooting my 9mm Walther P99 A/S and my 9mm HK P2000.

I know I haven't shot in a while, but I was disappointed. HOwever, I have some new glasses - and that was the first time I went shooting with the new glasses.

Today, I went back with my Walther P99, and I wore my OLD glasses.

Everything was back to normal. Shot extremely well. Very happy. So, now I know it wasn't "me" per se...

I just gotta learn to shoot with the new glasses....

I can see up close, but not far away. To read up close, I usually have to take my glasses off (That started around age 40). Well, the distance that is blurry up close increased, with the new glasses. It made it much harder to use the sights.

Maybe one day, I'll get one of those red dot setups on a pistol....
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